Month: February 2018

Online Marketing and Podcasting

There has been a steady upsurge of podcasting ever since the early 2000s and a slew of advertising campaigns that followed. Podcasts are touted as the future of radio, and judging by the rising popularity of the former and the decline of the latter, it looks to be true. Now, to sum up, podcasting: it’s basically audio series available online sometimes free, sometimes paid. It’s a great on-demand offspring of traditional radio but without the inherent difficulty of amateurs breaking in seeing as how it’s readily possible for anyone with audio recording and editing to the podcast. There are...

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Apple & Microsoft: Politics vs. Performance

iPhone 5, iOS 6. Surface, Windows 8. Scott Forstall was the man behind iOS and Siri. Steven Sinofsky was the President of Windows Division. The men were favorites of their founders, Jobs and Gates. Each has a long record of success. They were seen as successors to Ballmer and Cook. Instead, within weeks after their biggest wins, the two arecast aside. Their former colleagues criticize them openly. What happened?If Your Boss Thinks You’re Better Than He Is… … you’ll find yourself jobless.Scott Forstall Forstall was the guy who looked at new stuff and might say That’s not how Steve...

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