What is the essence of your game if no one knows about it right? If you think it’s not launching, no it isn’t. You should be proud that you made it. Go on. Upload your game online and tell everyone about the good news. You target market should know about it.


  • They are the first people to know about your greatest work. They will be your supporters and advertisers as well.


  • Second on your list are your friends. Why? They will serve as your fans. They will be so proud to say that their friend has this game and all.


  • The reason why your professors should know about your work is that they will be the people who will recommend you to others who need a game developer.

Isn’t it amazing? You only have to get your confidence higher and things will follow your way.…

Teenagers’ Life

Nowadays, teenagers have an active lifestyle. They are fond of going out at parties and going out with friends. They are enjoying an outgoing life. They also want to be updated with the social media, gadgets and technology. Their world is revolving on those things. Most teenagers prefer watching television and playing computer games to reading books.

The New Generation

Teenagers nowadays do not like reading because watching television is easier and they do not have to use their imagination. Computer games teach them but they are also harmful to health. Teenagers prefer to spend free time in front of a computer rather than to walk, play and involve themselves in a more physical games. Moreover teens are glued to their gadgets and other things that could rob them from the real world.…

A Date on the Street? No Problem!

Think about how many times you heard the phrases “don’t judge the book by its cover” and “your eyes can be deceiving”, that’s same thing you will be thinking the moment you finish your first batch of Filipino street foods.

Take a stroll during the late afternoon in the city streets and you will see a lot of couples spending time together and enjoying these treats. There is a whole wide variety of this goodies and even more enjoyable delightful when shared. Let us start off with balut. Every egg looks identical but what inside the shell has to offer matters more. Balut looks weird, but trust me; it is more than just a plain white shell on the outside. Heavenly, exciting and yummy inside, just like the excitement you feel when you encounter your “firsts” with your special someone.

There are more treats you can find while hanging out in the streets, you can see fried orange balls with a boiled quail egg inside, it may be limited in color but the flavors, especially when dipped in a sauce of your choice, is truly remarkable. That is the same thing with other treats like fish ball, squid ball and etc. It is actually fun to eat them! A street food marathon is incomplete with-out the others to complete the list. The Betamax, blocks of coagulated chicken/pork blood on a stick, they actually taste and smell nothing like a blood. To add more of the tummy tour, try the barbecues chicken feet or “adidas”, to complete the list, try the “Isaw” or skewered chicken intestines, it is actually interesting to eat those chicken parts. For couples who want a different kind but a cheap date time to spend together, these bonding actually works.…

7 Sofa that Will Fit Your Modern Backyard

A sofa is great furniture that can accommodate several people sitting together. But if you plan on putting it for your backyard or in the outdoors, then you need to be considerate in doing so.

Garden Bench sofas have a specific built to it compared to the ones that are normally made for an indoor setting. They should withstand the harsh outdoor conditions to ensure that it will last for a very long time. If you plan on buying an outdoor sofa then here are some top products that you should choose from.

Best Choice Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture Sofa

This beautiful 3-wicker sofa is an ideal piece to be added for your outdoor living area. It is made using a weather-resistant wicker that can provide the perfect touch for your backyard. You will surely relax in style once you lie on this comfortable wicker sofa.tits

Giantex 6pc Patio Sofa Furniture

This 6-piece cushioned patio set is something that provides contemporary looks and flavor. It will offer you with a comfortable and exceptionally stunning outdoor lounging. If you have a large family or always expecting guests from time to time then this can be a perfect addition to your outdoor space.

Safavieh Outdoor Collection Lynwood Outdoor Sectional Sofa, Teak Brown and Taupe

This is a fashion-forward and ingeniously designed piece of furniture. It comes with a Lynwood sectional that can be configured to suit your mood and space. This sofa also has an armless seat, 2 corner pieces, and a slatted coffee table that can also function as an end table. You can guarantee that this looks chic and is comfortable enough to be relaxed at.

Genuine Ohana Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture 7pc Sofa Set

This all-weather black PE resin wicker couch set comes with a modular design that is capable of flexibility and has many configuration options. The cushion covers are fade-resistant and come with a zipper that will allow easy cleaning.

Luxxella Patio Mallina Outdoor Wicker Furniture 7-Piece All Weather Couch Sofa Set

This sofa sectional set is a perfect combination of lightweight practicality and streamline modern style. It is ideally made for a medium to large outdoor space. It comes with 2 ottomans, 2 corner seats, 2 middle sectionals, and a tempered glass coffee table.

LexMod Urban Dimension Outdoor Wicker Patio Sectional Sofa Set

You can now bring the energy of the city into your home with this Urban Dimension outdoor set. The look of this sofa whispers confidence and it does fill the air with a familiar laughter. You will surely come up with new ideas while you relax on this set along with a view of great sights and sounds.

Crosley Palm Harbor Outdoor Wicker Loveseat

This one is more durable for an outdoor setting and it’s all thanks to the UV resistant outdoor resin wicker. It has a durable steel frame and the cushions are also resistant to UV and fading. The entire set is a timeless piece that will surely provide a long-lasting comfort.…